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Beautiful McClendon Tiny House for $100,000

McClendon Tiny House Interior

McClendon $100,000 Tiny House. 250 SF, 13 ft ceiling. 28′ L x 8.5′ W

A beautiful McClendon Tiny House for $100,000 that is simple and not tricked out with super expensive custom features. Taylor McClendon and Michaella McClendon were all set up to develop their destination wedding business in Hawaii when the Pandemic hit wiping out both destinations and weddings. Having time on their hands they decided to build their dream home. And did. And now they are selling plans and offering to build the house for others. I hesitate to add, but will anyway, that by 24 hours after this was posted in Treehugger the link to “build this for me” wasn’t working. I assume they were swamped with orders and closed down already, but if so, the article, photographs, and design decisions are still informative and useful. The 13′ ceilings and many windows are key to the spacious simplicity of the 250 square foot home.

The Cost of a Tiny House

Tiny House Construction Costs

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