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Best Green Builders of Tiny Houses

The best green builders of Tiny Houses were reviewed by Treehugger in November for 2121 and five listed as the greenest, most, and best builders in specific categories:

How they chose:

Everyone has a slightly different idea about what the “best” house should incorporate, so we explored tiny home companies that offer a range of price points, styles, and building options. The key to selecting the “best” in each category, however, was the company’s commitment to green products, practices, and philosophy.

Some of the most important options we looked for included solar and off-the-grid energy options, availability of composting toilets, use of energy-reducing lights and water-reducing fixtures, non-toxic but highly effective insulation, and use of recycled materials. We also considered each individual company’s dedication to the concept of tiny house living as a way to reduce owners’ carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.

The 5 Best Tiny Home Builders of 2021 b in Treehugger

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