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Build a House for Less Than 50K

In 2017 HunkerImage of a hammer and wrench published a brief list of suggestions for creating low-cost housingHow to Build a House Under 50K. Hunker is an extensive website whose mission is to help “first-timers improve their homes—with inspiring tours, practical solutions, and design advice for real people.” It is a beautifully illustrated guide to DIY projects and inexpensive purchases to build or improve your home. The advice from this article is typical.

Persons in the building industry may tell you that you can’t build a house for under 50k in the United States. Note however, that in one study scientists determined that bees can’t fly. Sometimes conventional wisdom and even informed opinion is wrong. As of this writing, proponents of the growing “tiny house” movement in this country are building houses for $50,000 and even less.     — Hunker

Build a House for Less Than 50K

Not only are people building houses for less than $50,000, but they are also building them for less than $15,000. Though not everyone can live in 150-300 square feet, some can. More comfortable is 400 to 500 square feet, the average for tiny houses.


Investigate the building codes in a variety of locations. Can you work around them? Some don’t apply to structures on wheels. Others don’t apply to an “accessory building” on a lot behind another house. What happens if you build a boathouse in the middle of a field of wildflowers?

Can you choose a location that does not have serious weather or earthquake risks? For good reason, the building codes in these locations will be more complex and more strictly enforced.

Financing and Construction

Construction will take more time than you estimate. It’s important to develop housebuilding skills before you begin building. Does a community college near you offer inexpensive courses in carpentry, cabinetry, plumbing, and electricity? Use blogs and small house workshops to learn from others who have built tiny houses.

Be inventive about finding used materials. Used plumbing fixtures can cost 90 percent less than new.

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