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Man Digs Home in Mountain

Man Digs Home in Mountain and is proof again that spending a Saturday morning browsing YouTube videos can be relaxing, exciting, and rewarding. After watching “Mr. Tiger Builds Cave House,” I truly believe that I could build such a house—if I had a mountain.

A 15-minute well-edited video of Mr. Tiger with all manner of electric tools (where is his energy source?) carving a home out of the side of a mountain, start to finish, and adds a koi pond. This will convince you that it can be done. It didn’t become impossible when the farmers arrived.

Mr. Tiger even updated his prehistoric cave-dwelling with today’s technology: plumbing, wiring, wi-fi, and a computer strategically placed for good reception in front of the only window. Happily, the film ends with a house looking lived-in, junk and all, and not as a demonstration project of House Beautiful.

Easily worth two watches.

Warning: He probably has no hearing left, however, because he isn’t wearing ear protection. Or a face mask. Or safety glasses. Probably looks more photogenic that way but don’t do this at home.

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