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Tiny House Prices, Colorado 2020

These lovely tiny house examples for sale in Colorado in 2020 are good examples of resale prices. A number of the houses can be moved — some are already on trailers or wheels. In some towns, buildings on wheels are considered temporary and thus not limited by zoning. Always check local and state laws.

Tiny house prices — some examples

This entry of the  Tiny House Blog features 10 examples. They represent a variety of sizes and construction methods — from factory-made in metal to custom, handmade in wood.

The interior of a 210 SF open-plan house for sale. $69,000

The interior of a 210 SF open-plan house for sale in Colorado, $69,000. On wheels, no land included. 23’x12′

Some are quite small — 124 SF. Prices are under $100,000 and some well below –$25,000-$40,000. Sizes vary. Some have been custom made; some are prefab. The nice photos are good for inspiration and for seeing interiors as they are lived in.

(For sale listings provide details that help you start keeping track of features you want in your home.)

For sale in 2020 in Colorado. $79,000. 248 SF. On wheels, no land. 31′ x 8′

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