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Tiny House State Guides

Logo for The Tiny Life blogThe Tiny House State Guides by  The Tiny Life contain local information for specific states, counties, and cities that is relevant to small houses. So far they have Tiny House Guides for:

Each webpage and ebook contains information about the legality of Tiny Houses, the most friendly cities, a list with descriptions of Tiny House builders, the price ranges of each builder, house trailer dealers, and links to other relevant resources on the Tiny Life website.

Many PDFs of the major county and city codes are downloadable and links are included to news articles on the recent developments by city, county, and state.

In addition, the guides include listings of Tiny Houses for sale in the state with interior and exterior photos and prices, Tiny Houses for rent, and Tiny House communities.

Zoning and Building Codes for Tiny Houses

Guides have short articles discussing the small house laws and building codes in each state — trends, speed of change, definitions, links to city codes, and copies of state codes. For example, the state-wide categories in California are defined in the codes and each small house must fit within one of the definitions and will be governed by the requirements for each category:

  • Site-built dwelling (meeting all California building codes, with prior approval)
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Camping cabin
  • Factory-built housing
  • Manufactured home
  • Parked trailer

The Tiny Life also publishes a 54-page eBook:  Cracking the Code: Guide to Building Codes & Zoning for Tiny Houses by Ryan Mitchell who developed the Tiny House site.

  • Navigate the red tape
  • Pathways to building legally
  • Making sense of building codes
  • New tiny house codes
  • How to survive the permitting process

It will help you understand the basics of codes and zoning laws, misconceptions, the inspector’s language, and legal and a-legal options. There are differences in specific requirements in each jurisdiction but the basic process and the hurdles are the same everywhere.

More Tiny House State Guides in Preparation

There are more state guides coming so check back frequently or sign up for the Tiny House Newsletter for announcements.


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